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3 Tips to Improve Acceptance of Employee Benefits Changes

Modifying Employee Benefits & Minimizing Resistance Making employee benefits changes and package modifications are sometimes not easily understood by staff. In some cases, making changes to employee benefits do not receive the widespread acceptance that an employer might hope for. There are numerous ways employers can explain employee benefits changes. The objective is to provide […]

Can Employee Benefits Drive Employee Engagement?

Benefits of Employee Engagement Employee benefits do help in improving employee engagement. In fact, as employee engagement rises, more than ever we are seeing positive spinoffs such as: Lower employee turnover Improved customer satisfaction Elevated profitability Increases in productivity Reduction in absenteeism Improved morale Read more in our article Employee Well Being & Productivity – […]

Financial Issues Affect Employee Health & Productivity

What You As an Employer Can Do to Help How does employee financial wellness affect the employer? The relationship between health and productivity is an issue that most employers have to contend with. As an employer, you’ve probably struggled with the effect of sickness in the workplace but have you also thought about employee financial […]

Comprehensive Managed Benefits Plans Help Control Costs

In a recent article titled, Businesses Need To Preserve Benefits Through Well-Managed Plans, SmallBizAdvisor urges private sector employers to ensure that their managed benefits plans are helping to preserve employee benefits. The warning to private sector employers comes as a result of private plan spending increasing again in 2016. This is primarily due to rising […]

Tips for Minimizng Employee Benefits Cost Increases

Minimizing employee benefits cost increases has always been an insurance industry concern. Let’s look at our options. Why are benefit costs increasing? The main reason for the rising cost of employee benefits is because of the skyrocketing costs of specialty drugs. Many of these specialty drugs are new to the market in the last five […]

Tips on Transitioning From Fixed to Custom Benefit Plans

The overall trend in the last several years for employee benefits is to move away from traditional or fixed benefits to more tailored, custom benefit plans. One example is Health Spending Accounts that allow employees to choose the benefits they want. And, since employers only have to pay for the benefits that have been used, employers […]

Do You Know What Health Benefits Your Employees Really Want?

In a 2017 healthcare survey by Sanofi Canada entitled, “Winds of Change – New Directions In Employee Health Benefits,” author Danny Peak reported some very interesting findings about which health care benefits employees seem to really want. In this Benefit Strategies blog post we’ll give you a quick overview of the Sanofi survey results and […]

Which Industries Offer the Best Benefits

While salaries are still the strongest incentive, many potential employees also look at industries with the best benefits like paid leave, health insurance, and retirement plans. In 2016, Glassdoor conducted an anonymous online survey of past and present employees who rated employers across eight different industries, with over 470,000 responses. The objective was to uncover […]

Restaurant Finds Unique Way to Fund Employee Benefits Plan

A Toronto restaurant found a unique approach to employee benefits funding. The restaurant began adding a 3% surcharge to each bill, with the funds to be used only to help provide employees with health and dental benefits. Co-owner Heather Mee, was quoted in a May 2017 Benefits Canada article as saying, the surcharge was a […]