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Introducing League Health Insurance Benefits

Benefit Strategies Inc. is proud to offer its customers access to League Health Insurance Benefits – an employee benefits plan that can be customized through the League digital health app! League Health Insurance Company is an employee benefits provider that offers a digital alternative to traditional health benefits. With League, employees (and employers) can say […]

Medical Marijuana Added to Shoppers & Loblaws Benefits Plan

Canadian drug benefit plans continually need to evolve to meet the needs of employees. In recent news, Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws Canada have now added medical marijuana into their employee benefits packages. These drug benefits are capped at $1,500.00 but reflect the vision of employers who are willing to see past the political rhetoric […]

Creating a Workplace Culture That Motivates Employees

Have you thought about creating a workplace culture that is positive and motivates your employees? Are you continually losing employees or having difficulty hiring new ones, or have you been experiencing productivity slumps? There’s plenty of support to show that a positive workplace culture can and will motivate employees. Addressing Workplace Motivation and Culture In […]

When Employees Delay Retirement It Affects Benefits Plans

The changing demographics of the workforce have seen an increased number of employees delay retirement and work beyond the retirement age we had grown accustomed to. Some seniors choose not to retire because they still find work interesting. Others cannot afford to retire and feel they must continue working. As an employer, both groups will […]

Salveo Study on Workplace Mental Health Strategies

At a mental health summit in Toronto, a Manulife consultant presented some surprising results about a study on improving workplace mental health, which was conducted by Salveo Integrative Health. To date, it remains one of the largest mental health studies conducted in Canada. With the aim of improving workplace mental health, the study examined the […]

Workplace Wellbeing – Top Goals of Global Employers

Conducted biannually by Xerox HR Services, a new global survey on workplace wellbeing collected data from 33 countries and across 428 different organizations revealing some surprising statistics for the four top goals measured by global employers: 59% ranked increasing productivity in the workplace as their main objective 56% ranked improving employee engagement as another major […]

5 Benefits of Working with an Employee Benefits Broker

Are you considering implementing an employee benefits plan in your workplace? Before starting to evaluate any employee benefits plan, here are 5 benefits of working with an Employee Benefits Broker at Benefit Strategies Inc.: Benefits brokers offer you a Comprehensive Evaluation There’s more flexibility in putting the Employee Benefits Plan together Benefits brokers have extensive […]

Millennials Willing To Pay More For Workplace Health Benefits

Millennials are an altogether different breed than the genXers or boomers that preceded them. According to a Benefits Canada article, A third of Millennials would pay more for better health benefits. Millennials are also more likely to seek employment with companies that offer group and individually specific benefits. To entice and retain this generation of […]

What Are Taxable Employee Benefits?

Recently Benefits Canada asked the question, “When are employee benefits taxable?” The article suggests that deciding whether a benefit provided to employees is taxable is often not as easy as it might seem. What are taxable employee benefits? The Income Tax Act is just not as cut and dry as one might suspect regarding benefits, […]