We began working with Benefit Strategies Inc. approximately two years ago when out company started to look into changing our employee benefits provider. We are a smaller company and they were the first to recommend a solution that allowed us to take better care of our employees while saving the company money. They did an exceptional job at recommending and implementing a new and improved employee benefit plan. Darryl and Tammy made a concerted effort to learn about our company background and employee culture. We are extremely impressed with the amount of time and personal attention they gave our company to ensure the transition to a new benefit plan was seamless. We really appreciated this personal touch and saw they cared for our employees’ interest throughout the entire process.

Since the transition, they have stayed in regular contact with us to ensure all of our questions are answered and our employees’ needs met. Their professionalism and knowledge certainly made the transition easy for us. Overall my experience working with Benefit Strategies Inc. has been outstanding. They have proven to be dedicated, caring and trustworthy. I highly recommend them to any organization seeking guidance and support in the selection, implementation and management of their employee benefit plan.