What Makes League Insurance Benefits Better for Employers

With League digital health insurance, work and life are in balance when everyone has the power to act and live healthier, better lives.

Like you, League Health Insurance Canada understands what today’s employees expect from their work environment and their health benefits plan; employees want Innovation and Customization. With League health insurance, you can offer your employees both, pay only for what is used, streamline your employee benefits plan, and safeguard your bottom-line.

League Digital Health App

The League digital health app takes care of everything; everything that your employees need is right at their fingertips to help them live their best life possible. The digital health app travels with them and it’s all there:

  • Find health professionals
  • Pay for health services with the digital wallet
  • Get tips from League health advisors
  • And much more!

  • Everything is Digital (No More Paper)

    League health insurance lets you say goodbye to paperwork and say hello to unprecedented customization and convenience in Canadian health benefits. The League digital health app provides health care for the digital age, giving your employees accessible health benefits that are simply unmatched.

  • The League Health App – Everything In One Place

    Employees can access health providers, League Advisors, and their employers all in one app.

  • League Chat – Immediate Access to Professional Advice

    Employees can get recommendations, reminders, health tips, and other professional health advice right through the health app.

  • Convenient Anytime Access To The Healthcare Marketplace

    Employees can choose from thousands of verified, rated, and reviewed health care professionals, and immediately find what they need from available health care services and products.

  • Access to Health Benefits As Needed

    Employees can not only find providers but also browse services, prices, ratings and reviews, plus book health care appointments, all within seconds.

  • Digital Wallet – Carry Your Health On You At All Times

    Employees can check account balances, transaction history, statements, and receipts, and securely store their health benefits plan, credit card, and personal information so they always have it with them.

  • Pay Digitally and Get Reimbursed Almost Instantly

    Paying and getting paid has never been easier. Employees can:

    • Book and pay for health services with Auto-Pay
    • Upload a statement photo and get reimbursed within 24 hours with Photo-Claim
    • Get billed digitally from health providers with Digital-Pay
  • League Employer Portal Lets You Know Where Your Employees Stand

    As an employer, you can now create and easily manage your employee benefits plans with the digital health app and instantly access real-time employee usage reports.

You Are In Control of Costs for Your Employee Benefits Plan
millenial using league benefits health app on her phone

League digital health insurance puts you, the employer, in control of your health benefits costs and the League Defined Contribution model provides employers with predictability and certainty, making budget control simple. No more surprises at the end of the year.

League’s annual health benefits plans give employers the ability to control premiums and provide flexibility to adjust spending based on the needs of your business, which means no more unplanned increases in insurance premiums.

Unlike traditional health benefits plans where the employer pays no matter how much the employees use or don’t use, the consumer-first model of the League health benefits plan is usage-based and customizable; your employees can customize a plan that fits them best.

That means that you only pay for the health benefit services that your employees actually use.

Learn More About League Health Insurance

To learn more about League digital health insurance and the impact it can have on your employee benefits plan, give our Benefit Strategies’ health benefits experts a call at 1-780-437-5070, send us an email, or contact us online.Contact-Us