Custom Executive & Employee Benefit Plans

Empowering Businesses in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Beyond

Enrich your business with brilliant employee and executive benefits. For over 40 years, Benefit Strategies has crafted exceptional plans that attract top talent and boost employee satisfaction—all while saving you time and money. Let us build a strategy that shines bright for you and your team.


of small business employees say they’d rather have health benefits over a raise*


of employees without health benefits would leave their current job in favour of one with a better health benefit plan*


of employees evaluate health benefits before accepting a new role*

*Source: 2023 Blue Cross Small Business Study

Our Diamond Standard: Your Key to a Brilliant Benefit Strategy

Benefit Strategies is committed to creating plans with imagination, ingenuity, and enduring value—just like a perfectly cut diamond. This is why we have developed the Diamond Standard, a unique framework built on three core principles: Cut, Clarity, and Colour.

This maximizes the value of your benefit plan


Our sharp focus on strategy and efficient processes means that we deliver competitive solutions. This maximizes the value of your benefit plan and investment.

Your employees gain a clear understanding of their benefit package.


We prioritize clear communication to understand your company’s goals and design a plan that aligns perfectly with your vision. Through ongoing training, resources, and communication tools, your employees gain a clear understanding of their benefit package.

We craft Employee Group Benefitplans tailored to your needs


Employee benefits should go beyond basic needs. We offer a variety of plan options that cater to diverse employee requirements and preferences. This creates a “colourful” and attractive benefit package that boosts morale, attracts top talent, and helps you retain your valuable workforce.