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Specialized Employee Benefits Administration Training
Benefits Breakdown

Edmonton’s Benefit Strategies Inc. offers a one-day Employee Benefits Administration Training Course.

Over the past three decades, the benefits advisors at Benefit Strategies Inc. have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of businesses across Alberta and western Canada. Time and time again we have identified many of the common challenges, legal liabilities, and knowledge gaps encountered by many employee benefits plan administrators.

Until now, resources for employee benefits administration training were either incomplete or insufficient in scope. So, we decided to do something to change that. 

Tammy Biggs

Benefits Advisor, Tammy Biggs, has developed a comprehensive instructional course to specifically address the liabilities, risks, and best practices in employee benefit plan administration.

This Employee Benefits Administration Training course was designed to best equip your personnel with:

  • The knowledge needed to support the health and wellness of your team
  • Manage and administer the benefits plan
  • And, to protect your business

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Employee Benefits Administration Training Course Overview

Benefits Breakdown: The Ultimate Guide to Plan Administration

Group benefit plans are a key component of an employee’s overall compensation package, and when clearly communicated and well-administered, they have the ability to increase employee attraction, improve employee  retention, and boost morale within an organization. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the best practices for employee benefit plan administration, including risks and liabilities, crisis management and employee support, health and wellness accounts, plan design, and claims experience.

The course includes an exclusive Plan Administrator’s Handbook: an easily digestible reference guide filled with tips and tricks to establish clear systems and develop processes that will help avoid potential problems and liability issues in the future.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Employee Benefits Administration Training course, participants will have a strong understanding of:

  • Privacy Laws and Regulations
  • Liability & Risk Associated with Group Benefit Administration
  • Acting as a Liaison between the Insurance Carrier and Employee/Employer
  • Common Carrier Guidelines
  • General Best Practices for Group Benefit Administration
  • Crisis Management & Employee Support
  • How to Choose an Advisor/Consultant
  • Funding the Benefit Plan
  • Health & Wellness Accounts
  • Employee Benefits Plan Design Options: Description of Benefit Lines
  • Types of Benefits: Pooled and Experience Rated
  • Understanding Plan Design and its Impact on Claims Experience – Cost Containment
  • The Renewal Process & The Marketing Process

Who Should Sign Up for This Course?

The Employee Benefits Administration Training course is designed for anyone who has responsibility or oversight over group benefit plan selection, administration and/or management. It is also ideal for HR staff looking to broaden their benefit plan knowledge and receive CPD credit.

There are no prerequisites or restrictions for attendees.

The Employee Benefits Administration Training course content is applicable to:

  • Chief Personnel Officers
  • HR Managers
  • HR Staff
  • Plan Administrators
  • Business owners overseeing employee benefit plans

Course Format

The course will be administered in-person and consist of a 6-hour, certified CPD credit training. Course participants will receive an agenda and course materials upon arrival, and following the training will be required to complete a multiple choice exam.


The total investment for the course is only $299, and includes:

  • 6 hours of in-person instruction from one of our qualified, trusted advisors
  • 6 hours of certified CPD credits
  • A take-home copy of the Plan Administrator’s Handbook (a $199 value)
  • A light lunch
  • Coffee, tea and other refreshments throughout the day

* Please note that registration is non-refundable. Certain circumstances may qualify for compassionate rebooking opportunities and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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Space in each session is limited to maximize instructor accessibility and to facilitate a high level of participant engagement in questions and conversations. Spots are filling up fast. Don’t miss out. Book yours now!

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