Often times, the benefit requirements of owners and managers are not met, due to increasing incomes, or unique circumstances. We work with you to identify these areas and provide custom executive benefit solutions and recommendations to deal with this adequately.

Top Up Disability Coverage

This allows shareholder or key personal to add additional disability coverage to cover salary, bonuses or a dividend payment.

Critical Illness Insurance

Provides a lump sum payment to individuals in the event of serious illness; cancer, stroke, and heart attack to name a few.

Private Health Service Plan

This portion of the executive benefits plan offers an ideal way to compensate key individuals in a tax efficient manner. Pre-tax corporate dollars are used to fund medical expenses that otherwise would have been paid with personal after-tax dollars.

Corporate Owned Life Insurance

Also referred to as COLI, this is commonly purchased for senior executives and used for various strategies such as creating tax deductions, reimbursing the cost of funding employee benefits, providing business loan protection, and more.

Corporate Estate Planning

This involves the use of Life Insurance to fund a shareholders’ agreement or key-person agreement. Our executive benefits brokers can explore the most tax efficient way to pursue a death or living benefit for you or your estate.

Group RRSP’s & Pensions

This involves executive benefits plan design review, investment selection, and market analysis to determine the best service provider for your employees. Regular communication updates and reviews of investment performance, asset allocation and fund managers are also included. Our executive benefits company ensures your benefits plan is properly administered.

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