Benefit Strategies works with you to address your ever-changing needs by utilizing self insured solutions, flexible employee benefits plans, traditional insured benefits, and progressive concepts such as MyHSA for employees.

We partner with you to ensure your chosen benefit plan design is comprehensive and competitive in today’s ever changing market place.

Our Alberta employee benefits consultants strive to maintain long-term relationships with all our clients by focusing on your needs and exceeding your expectations.


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Employee Benefits by Benefit Strategies means:

  • Benefit Audits
  • Employee Communication
  • Claims Analysis
  • Negotiate Renewals
  • Bench Marking
  • Market Survey
Benefit Audits

Value analysis of the financial cost/benefits of your benefits plan.

Employee Communication

Customized communication for your staff regarding benefits plan changes and plan awareness.

Claims Analysis

Plan collaboration, claim reports, cost containment strategies.

Negotiate Renewals

Compare rates, reserves and retention charges with various insurers. Review employee benefits plan funding alternatives.

Bench Marking

Compare your plan design with other employers in your industry.

Market Survey

Submit plan specifications to other insurers in the marketplace. Review competitive pricing submissions from other insurers
and deliver them to you in a detailed report complete with a list of recommendations.

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