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Workplace Wellbeing – Top Goals of Global Employers

Conducted biannually by Xerox HR Services, a new global survey on workplace wellbeing collected data from 33 countries and across 428 different organizations revealing some surprising statistics for the four top goals measured by global employers:

  • 59% ranked increasing productivity in the workplace as their main objective
  • 56% ranked improving employee engagement as another major priority
  • 54% ranked attracting and retaining employees as vitally important to their success
  • 49% ranked increasing organizational values as also being vitally important

While only a third of respondents reported strong cultures of workplace wellbeing, 83% said they aspired towards a strong culture for their future, even though the following were ranked near the bottom of the workplace wellbeing survey:

  • Only 45% suggested that reducing costs for insurance and health care was a priority
  • Only 34% were interested in minimizing employee absences

Productivity Tops Priorities

The emphasis for almost all the companies who responded seemed to be directed more towards productivity and company growth. In this survey, global health strategies are currently being pursued by 69% of respondents, while only 42% indicated they were pursuing global wellbeing strategies.

As high as 74% indicated that workplace wellbeing programs were an element of importance where their employee value propositions were concerned. If this is the case, it will be necessary for them to invest in resources and programs that make these more readily available to their employees.

There is support from leadership (52%), and 92% credited the efforts of local ambassadors’ with making wellbeing part of their company culture.

Other programs were offered as well:

  • 92% of the companies offer financial security and preparedness programs
  • 91% offered financial programs for literacy (and skills where finances are concerned)

Employers also realize that to get employees to pay more attention to long-term strategies, employers need to assist employees in making ends meet in the short term. Find our more on our Benefit Services Planning page.

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