3 Studies that Demonstrate Workplace Diversity Is an Asset

Graphic showing workplace diversity equity and inclusion

Are you aware of how workplace diversity and inclusion can be assets for your company?

The month of June is marked as “Pride Month” in recognition of LGBTQ2S+ communities to increase visibility and inclusion and end the stigma.

Having a DEI (diversity equity and inclusion) strategy in place as part of the programming and policies in your workplace has multiple benefits. DEI can significantly:

  • Increase the culture for your personnel
  • Increase the profile of your business
  • Increase the performance of your team when implemented and authentic in action

Many studies have been conducted outlining the impact of workplace diversity and inclusion.

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Below are three recent studies that resonated with us:

  • “Teams that are focused on diversity and inclusion tend to deliver the highest levels of engagement”  – Deloitte Australia
  • “Diverse teams are able to solve problems faster than teams of cognitively similar people” – HBR
  • “Companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues due to innovation” – Boston Consulting Group

At Benefit Strategies Inc., we are proud to celebrate Pride, and believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace is key to wellbeing, innovation, and greater performance.

Happy Pride 2022!