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Capital Ideas: Balancing Work, Life and Health

On the subject of balancing work life and health, Benefit Strategies Inc. President Daryl Smith and Capital Ideas asked the Edmonton community of entrepreneurs, “What does employee health and wellness mean at your business?”

Daryl Smith started the conversation off with his take on meeting employee needs:

“Balancing work, life and health for employees is paramount. At Benefit Strategies Inc. we include ergonomics around the office, customizable benefit packages, and healthcare spending accounts to enhance the health and wellness of our workforce. To achieve balance, and boost productivity, employees may take shortened work weeks, work from home, and enjoy flex time. It is important to be mindful of what your employees need: allowing time off for a grandchild’s birthday party, or to escort an aging parent to an appointment demonstrates understanding and support for wellbeing, both inside and outside the office.”

Here’s how other Edmonton entrepreneurs feel about employee health.

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