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Top 10 Workforce Priorities: Survey

Employee productivity and engagement, wellness, and attracting and retaining employees are among the top workforce priorities for Canadian employers, according to a new survey

The survey polled approximately 200 Canadian plan sponsors in relation to their group benefits, priorities in the workforce, and more.

Top 10 Priorities

  1. Employee productivity/engagement
  2. Employee wellness
  3. Attracting, retaining employees; developing skills for changing the business environment
  4. Workplace mental health
  5. Employee financial wellness
  6. Family support obligations, the effect on productivity and well-being
  7. Chronic illness, the effect on productivity
  8. Multi-generational workforce
  9. Delayed retirement – productivity and performance challenges
  10. Delayed retirement – employees working past normal retirement age

Health, wellness, and engagement are key. How do you creatively implement and activate cost-effective employee benefit plans to support your workforce priorities?

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