Employee Benefit Trends to Watch in 2024

From well-being to technology; we have compiled our estimation of top trends to take note of when it comes to the future of employee benefits. 

Personalized Well-being Programs:
Customization is key. Personalized well-being programs that address the unique needs of individual employees have come into play and are expected to overtake any one-size-fits-all approach. Tailoring wellness initiatives, fitness programs, and mental health support can contribute to a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Remote Work Benefits:
Given the continued prevalence of remote work, offering benefits that cater to the specific needs of remote employees will become a necessity. This may include technology stipends, flexible work arrangements, and strategies for fostering a sense of connection and community among distributed teams while promoting work-life balance.

Financial Wellness Initiatives:
It is becoming more and more common to find an increased focus on financial well-being, and the role of employers in supporting their employees’ financial goals. We hope to see an uptake in usage of financial literacy programs, budgeting, investing, retirement planning resources; many of which are available through Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

Tech-Driven Healthcare Solutions:
The integration of technology into healthcare benefits, including telemedicine, healthcare navigation services, and digital tools that empower employees to make informed decisions about their health are expected to continue to trend into 2024 and become increasingly intuitive and user-friendly.

Innovative Family Benefits:
The landscape of family-friendly benefits, such as extended parental leave, childcare support, and fertility assistance is expected to continue to expand. With this comes the unique opportunity to create a workplace that accommodates all employees at different stages of family life.

Environmental and Sustainable Benefits:
We estimate the rise of environmentally conscious benefits as well as corporate social responsibility will become more popular, including initiatives such as sustainable commuting options, eco-friendly workplace practices, and more support for green causes.

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