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Surveys on the Extent of Employee Anxiety During Coronavirus

Recent surveys confirm employee anxiety during coronavirus is still rising. With the loss of Canadian income and employment both anxiety and alcohol consumption are on the rise.

The global COVID-19 pandemic is a major contributing factor for anxiety and overconsumption in the workforce. In these times of uncertainty, it is paramount that employers do what they can to protect the health and wellbeing of not only their own families but also employees and their families.

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2019 Federal Budget- Employee Benefits Impacted

How will the new 2019 Federal Budget impact benefit plan sponsors, employees, and employers? National Pharmacare Program With the March 2019 Federal budget, progress is being made towards instituting a National Pharmacare Program. The move away from Provincial Pharmacare Programs involves projects to develop a National Drug Formulary and the creation of a Canada Drug…

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Top 10 Workforce Priorities: Survey

Employee productivity and engagement, wellness, and attracting and retaining employees are among the top workforce priorities for Canadian employers, according to a new survey The survey polled approximately 200 Canadian plan sponsors in relation to their group benefits, priorities in the workforce, and more. Top 10 Priorities Employee productivity/engagement Employee wellness Attracting, retaining employees; developing skills for…

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Can Employee Benefits Drive Employee Engagement?

Benefits of Employee Engagement Employee benefits do help in improving employee engagement. In fact, as employee engagement rises, more than ever we are seeing positive spinoffs such as: Lower employee turnover Improved customer satisfaction Elevated profitability Increases in productivity Reduction in absenteeism Improved morale Read more in our article Employee Well Being & Productivity –…