How to Increase Employee Engagement of Your Benefits Plan

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Employee Benefits Help Attract & Retain Talent

Employee benefits are an important part of any compensation package and can play a significant role in attracting and retaining talent but how can you increase employee engagement to ensure success?

Despite the value of these benefits, a lack of understanding, limited awareness, and improperly structured plans often result in minimal engagement and underutilization of their plans.

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How to Maximize the Value of Your Benefits Plan

Helping your employees to understand and increase employee engagement in employee benefit plans is essential in maximizing value for both employers and employees. Employers can improve engagement in benefit plans by taking the following steps:

Simplify the enrollment process

The enrollment process should be easy to understand and follow. Consider using digital tools to streamline the process and make it more user-friendly. Many providers also offer online portals and mobile apps that allow employees to access their benefits information and make changes to their coverage in a manner that is quick and convenient. Ask your benefits plan provider what tools are available to you.

Provide education and communication

Educate employees on the value of their employee benefits package and how to use it effectively. This can include providing information about coverage options, provider networks, and costs. Communicate regularly with employees about any changes or updates to the benefits package, and use a variety of channels to reach them, such as email, social media, or in-person meetings. 

Offer flexibility in structuring benefit plans

DEI in the workplace is common. Employees have diverse backgrounds and require a range of benefits to meet their diverse needs. This can include traditional benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and life insurance, as well as non-traditional benefits like wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, or professional development opportunities.

Encourage participation

Try to increase employee engagement in benefit plans through incentives or rewards. This can include offering matching contributions for retirement plans or providing discounts on premiums for employees who participate in wellness programs.

Seek feedback and maintain open communication

Regularly seek feedback from employees on their satisfaction with their benefits package and use this feedback to improve the plan. This can include conducting surveys or focus groups to gather input and suggestions.

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