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Leadership Post: Attitude is Everything

The team at Benefit Strategies Inc. would like to offer a gentle reminder that “Attitude Is Everything.”

While burnout and winter blues are at an all-time high, especially in Alberta, we invite you to take a moment to pause, read, and reflect on these words written by our advisor Tammy Biggs, and inspired by the words and sentiments of Brene Brown.

Attitude is Everything

As you climb the stairs to the office…
Put a smile on your face.
It doesn’t matter how your morning has gone so far or what happened the night before…

For 30 seconds, at least pretend that you’re elated to see your people.
Make them feel like you were looking forward to getting into work – after all they’re working hard and contributing to the success of your business. This seems like a cheesy, tiny thing, but within 15 seconds of walking through that door your attitude sets the tone for the rest of the day.

It’s not a tiny thing. It’s a huge deal…

Because you come to work every day, and the things that you do every day grind on you.
If you can fix 25 little things, like coming to work happy, you will have an extraordinary life!

Your next vacation is insignificant. The money spent on entertainment will be forgotten within weeks.
Coming to work every day?

That’s a big part of your life. Fix it.
Start today!

Your colleagues and team are an integral part of your journey, and how you choose to view and enjoy your time at work will influence your mood, stress levels, and disposition.

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