Need Human Resources Help? Add it to your Employee Assistance Program

Human Resources (HR) divisions and principles are essential practices within an organization, utilized to develop and drive and develop the culture and workforce. They are key to people and performance management and processes, labour relations, health and safety, and employee benefits.

But for many businesses, the myriad of HR duties are doled out to individuals who concurrently carry out other organizational assignments, and don’t have easy or inexpensive access to the specialized knowledge, regulatory requirements, and employment law information required.

In order to counter this, programs to assist plan administrators in HR are becoming prevalent alternatives to contracting costly additional counsel.  

Programs like HR Support Solutions by Shepell•fgi reduce risks and costs with on-demand access to human resources professionals 

HR Support Solutions by Shepellfgi is a specialized service for organizations that may not have in-house HR and legal expertise. Accessing HR Support Solutions helps organizations manage day-to-day operations and complex HR processes, as well as navigating legal decisions including terminations, human rights, legal standards, and more.

To access HR Support Solutions 

HR Support Solutions is offered directly through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) included in plan coverage through some specific carriers at no additional cost. Contact Benefit Strategies Inc. to learn more about HR Support Solutions, and other options that may be available to support plan administrators by emailing