5 Ways Benefit Plans Can Help to Achieve Your New Years Goals

The first month of 2023 has flown by, and many of the ambitious goals and targets set out on New Years Day have fallen by the wayside.

According to a survey conducted by Forbes Health / One Poll, wellness goals a focus area for many this year, with the most popular goals as follows:

  • Improved mental health (45%)
  • Improved fitness (39%)
  • Weight loss (37%)
  • Improved diet (33%)
  • Improved finances (30%)

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Did you know: All of the above wellness goals can be supported by utilizing a robust employee benefit program?

Business owners and plan administrators have the unique opportunity to communicate and market the programs and services offered by their group benefits while achieving New Year’s resolutions is top of mind for so many. As such, here are five ways employee benefits can help achieve new years goals:

  1. Health & dental insurance can help employees afford medical treatments or preventative care to improve their physical health.
  2. Retirement savings plans and financial education can assist employees in saving for their future financial stability.
  3. Wellness programs, such as gym memberships or fitness classes, and fitness tracking applications can help employees improve their physical health.
  4. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs),which offer features such as counselling services, can help employees address mental health or personal issues.
  5. Discounts on products or services, such as cell phone plans or retail purchases, can help employees save money.

Contact a benefit specialist at Benefit Strategies Inc. to learn how to make your benefit plan work for you, email inquiries@benefitstrategiesinc.ca. A robust employee benefit plan coupled with a health spending account can support your workforce in achieving personal and professional success.