Navigating The Great Resignation

Employee benefit plans are becoming an increasingly more important tool in the battle to attract and retain talent. COVID-19 has kicked off The Great Resignation, with employees proving to be far more willing to change jobs due to a multitude of factors, including salary, remote work and flexibility options, and employee benefit packages and perks.

Research from The Conference Board of Canada along with Telus Health finds employees want more from their benefit plans. The findings indicate that although most Canadians have benefits, the majority only have partial coverage and so individuals must cover part of their prescriptions, dental, and vision care, amongst others.

This puts employers at risk of losing talent at a time when the labour market is experiencing shortages. In fact, the survey found that between 33 and 59 percent of employees are willing to leave their current job if they think their employee benefit package isn’t adequate.

With these market conditions, it becomes more important than ever to attract and retain your greatest asset: human capital.

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