Man helping a woman to try on eyeglass frames.

Do Your Vision Care Benefits Cover Your Employees’ Needs?

This week, Benefits Canada is asking “Is your vision care benefits coverage too low?”

The online Canadian poll questioned if the common $200 vision care coverage included in most employee benefits plans is too low.

Another recent survey performed by Sanofi found that employees have very low satisfaction with vision plan coverage when compared to other typical employee benefits. In fact, over 1 in 5 participants ranked their coverage as poor or very poor.

This low satisfaction is very contradictory considering how much members value vision care. It ranks third in terms of importance and over 90% of employee benefits plan members say it is somewhat or very important.

How do your employees feel about the vision care benefits coverage within your workplace employee benefits plan? Does this valued benefit fail to meet plan members’ needs when it comes to purchasing glasses? Should vision care for your employees be a higher priority?

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