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Our Edmonton based employee benefits company services businesses (with 10 or more employees) and corporations in Edmonton and throughout Alberta including Calgary, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray and Grand Prairie. We can design a highly valuable and strategic employee benefits package for you also.

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Employee Benefits Packages – Advantages

With the help of Benefit Strategies Inc. you will be able to offer your employees the benefit programs and coverage they know and prefer. If you are a business or corporation in Alberta you need to protect one of your most valuable assets – the people who make your business successful.

There are three major advantages that a competitive employee benefits package can provide to your business to help attract experienced employees while still controlling your costs:

  1. Competitive Edge in Job Market – Attractive employee benefit packages that help to attract and retain top employees, minimizing cost of high turnover.
  2. Access to Insurance at a Reduced Cost – Group employee benefit packages are non-discriminatory and offer all participants the same benefit plan and rates.
  3. Tax Effective Form of Compensation – In Alberta, expenses for group employee benefits packages can be paid out of “before tax” income and are tax deductible as a business expense.

Alberta Benefit Program Specialists

Our employee benefit program specialists understand that creating a new employee benefit program from scratch or implementing a revised employee benefits package can have major cost implications for any business.

Our job is to help assess your current goals and evaluate the best options for a cost-effective employee benefits package that is valued by you and all your employees.

Along the way we provide up to date statistics and information to support our recommendations and help you make the best decision for your business.

Common Options Available In Employee Benefits Packages

Individual employees place differing levels of value on each component of a benefits package depending on their current lifestyle. With flexible employee benefit package options you will come as close as possible to meeting the individual needs of all your employees.

We can help you find the right level of flexibility and coverage with cost-efficient premiums for the following employee benefits options.

Life Disability

Many Alberta employees value the peace of mind that comes with the financial security offered by life and disability benefits coverage should an illness, disease or accident prevent them from working. See this Government of Canada page for more information on Disability Insurance.

Extended Health

Often the most common benefit option and highly valued perk is the extended health benefits plan that helps cover medical expenses outside the scope of Alberta’s health care plan.

Prescription Drugs

Help your employees manage their medical expenses with a comprehensive prescription medication package, highly valued by employees with chronic ailments that require daily medication.

Dental Coverage

Employee benefits packages often offers dental coverage at differing percentage levels and can cover a range of dental work performed such as preventative, diagnostic and restorative care.

Vision Care

Often your employees who require eye examinations and prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses highly value the vision part of an employee benefits package. Our employee benefits specialists can help you choose a flexible employee benefits program that meets the needs of employees requiring this benefit.

Critical Illness

How would a critical condition such as cancer or a heart attack affect one of your employees? The critical condition portion of an employee benefits package is an option that helps re-establish the financial security in light of a major health condition.

Travel Insurance Coverage

For employees who travel outside of Canada often, having travel insurance coverage through their workplace employee benefits package can save them money and avoid the hassle of having to purchase separate travel insurance for themselves and their family.

Other unique employee benefits package options that we can help you implement in your workplace include:

Benefits Spending Accounts
Employee Assistance
Retirement Planning
Life Insurance Policies
Plus much more!

Learn More About Employee Benefits Package Options

For nearly three decades Benefits Strategies Inc. has been helping businesses and corporations in Edmonton and throughout Alberta to create strategic employee benefit plan that helps foster long term commitment.

We can help you give your employees access to the comprehensive benefits package they deserve without overspending. With unparalleled value backed by our proven expertise in affordable Alberta benefits package options, you will enjoy services that include hands-free administration and friendly and responsive customer service.

Benefit Strategies Inc. services businesses with 10 or more employees throughout Alberta, the Western Provinces and the Northwest Territories.

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