November 2022 Is Financial Literacy Month

A spreadsheet surrounded by eyeglasses, a plant, calculator and a Budget binder.

In Canada, November is Financial Literacy Month 2022. And while November comes to a close, we would like to extend the learnings.

The 2022 campaign theme is “Make Change that Counts: Managing Your Money in a Changing World.” It applies to our increasingly complex and constantly evolving financial marketplace and the importance of managing personal finances to find the right balance.

Each employee’s situation will be unique in regard to their financial knowledge, wellness, and security.

Some employees will be concerned about interest rates, cost-of-living increases, and job security, while others may be focused on saving for retirement and investing.

Take advantage of Financial Literacy Month. Empowering employees financially is imperative to workplace productivity and motivation, and decreasing personal stress.

Employee benefit programs and add-on services from Benefit Strategies Inc. can help teach your team to budget, manage debt, plan for retirement, estate plan (including wills and trusts), and build credit.

Consider hiring a financial advisor, and/or adding/accessing financial education through Employee Assistance Programs, to better support the financial wellness of your team.

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