If you own a business or corporation in Alberta or anywhere in Western Canada, you’ll want your employee benefits plan design to be cost effective for your business, and that requires careful due diligence.

Benefit Strategies Inc. is an Edmonton based company that specializes in employee benefits plan design in Alberta, plus we service all provinces in Western Canada, including the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Benefit Strategies can help you develop a great employee benefits plan and make the right decisions based on a sound evaluation of your employee preferences balanced against your company’s goals. We also take into consideration the legal compliance and competitiveness in your industry’s job market.

When you choose to work with Benefits Strategies Inc., your employee benefits plan design will serve to attract, retain, and motivate your employees while providing a viable return on your benefits expenditures.

Our group benefits plans are designed for medium sized businesses with 10 or more employees.


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Our Process Key Components of Employee Benefits Planning

All our employee benefits planning and design tasks are based on your company’s needs and our specialists act as business consultants. We personalize our executive benefits solutions and employee benefits planning and design services to focus in on the critical issues that must be addressed.

We can help you address the key issues in benefits planning, design and administration. During the planning process our Edmonton benefits panning consultants will help:

  • Establish specific objectives for your employee benefits plan
  • Gather employee and industry data
  • Modify and enhance employee benefits packages and quotes
  • Maintain flexibility between employee benefit options
  • Communicate benefits information to employees

Customizing Your Employee Benefits Plan Design

Before seeking employee benefits quotes from various providers in Alberta our planners will first methodically map out the best approach for your company. To facilitate the design of your employee benefits plan we conduct:

  • Goal Assessment
    Evaluate short and long term goals for your benefits plan.
  • Demographic Analysis
    Collect relevant information related to employee demographic composition.
  • Benchmarking
    Compare your proposed employee benefits plan design to other employers within your industry.
  • Benefit Audits
    Conduct a value analysis of the financial cost/ benefit of different plan designs. See this Journal of Accountancy article for more information on How to Perform High-Quality Employee Benefits Plan Audits.
  • Financial Analysis
    Review your previous plans’ financial performance and funding arrangements plus develop innovative plan design alternatives.

One of the reasons we are a premiere Alberta employee benefits planning firm is because we work with our clients to provide sound evaluations of alternative plan designs and the financial impact each will have. We also find innovative funding solutions to help finance your chosen employee benefits plans and help you look at alternative programs such as the MyHSA App that offers self-managed digital health insurance for Employees.

We analyze the employee benefit plans received from several qualified benefits providers, and then negotiate offers using industry comparisons to help you maximize savings.

Based on your needs and employee benefits plan design, we can help find the right employee benefits provider. We are proud of the high quality of our insurance providers and partners and fully stand behind our recommendations.

Administering & Implementing Employee Benefits Plans

Once the right employee benefits plan is chosen we will help you implement the plan within your workplace. Plus we offer plan management services and handle all the administration activities involved with claims.

In order for your employees to value and get full use out of their employee benefits coverage they must fully understand the plan. We will help prepare and review written communication for use in the workplace and assist in answering benefit-related questions.

From a long term perspective we will also provide cost containment strategies to help keep your premiums low. When the time comes we can also help negotiate renewals and/or re-work your employee benefits plan design to best meet your changing needs.

Request Employee Benefits Planning and Design Services

By seeking professional assistance during your planning process you can develop a flexible employee benefits plan that will increase employee satisfaction and reduce your costs at the same time.

Benefit Strategies Inc. is an independent consulting firm that specializes in helping Alberta based businesses to design, select and manage a customized and productive employee benefits solution. We service Alberta businesses in Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Grand Prairie and Fort McMurray. We also help businesses throughout western Canada.

For nearly three decades Benefit Strategies Inc. has been designing, procuring, and maintaining personalized employee benefit plans that meet the needs of businesses with 10 or more employees throughout Alberta and the Western Provinces including the Northwest Territories.

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