Tailored Benefits Will Help Employees Achieve Their Goals & New Years Resolutions

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What Tailored Benefits Will Help Your Employees Achieve Their Goals?

With the new year upon us, and employees returning to their (home) offices after the holiday season, it is the perfect time to consider tailored benefits to help them with their goal setting for an auspicious year ahead.

The most common goals set each year focus on the following:

  • Career aspirations like securing a promotion or a pay raise.
  • Lifestyle aspirations like achieving better work/life balance.
  • Health & well-being aspirations like weight loss, curbing addictions, increasing physical activity, and improving mental and emotional health.

Employers can encourage and facilitate the achievement of many of these goals through tailored benefits which offer what employees value most.

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When your team is happy and healthy, they are able to focus and perform at a higher level. Take advantage of your group benefit plans. Review your plan and capitalize on the coverage that can help move you and your employees closer to achieving new goals.

How Benefit Strategies Inc. Can Assist in Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Career Aspirations

Not all promotion and pay raises are created equal. Many ambitious workers may have their sights set on climbing the corporate ladder and hitting the next pay grade. Astute people managers and business operators however, understand that there is more than one way to reward dedication and strong performance.

Adding a Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) or topping it up can fill the gaps in health, vision, and dental care, to lessen or diminish the need to pay out of pocket. 

How is performance management and compensation tracked at your organization?

HR Support Solutions by Shepell•fgi is a specialized service for organizations that may not have in-house HR and legal expertise, and can assist in evaluations and employee relations.

Work / Life Balance & Lifestyle

With corporate advancement and career growth comes the need for balance. It is advantageous to create boundaries between personal and professional lives, which of course must be unique to the individual and their role. Examples of setting boundaries can include scheduling “digital downtime” and taking vacation days to recharge.

Other lifestyle goals often involve curbing addictions, credit/debt management, mitigating stress and navigating life’s challenges and obstacles with greater ease.

Employers can add and access Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to provide confidential and accessible support, specialized resources, and professional services connecting you to better health and well-being.

Health & Wellbeing

Physical health is perhaps the most popular goal set when the new year rolls around. Proper nutrition, hydration, and physical activity are paramount for peak performance in all endeavours, and can play a part in preventing chronic conditions that Canadians struggle with including diabetes, cancer, and mental health afflictions such as anxiety and depression.

Corporate wellness philosophies embrace healthy weight loss, nutritional support, and health coaching to support their staff in leading healthier and happier lives. See our post on Implementing a Fitness Challenge for your employees.

Digital Health Plans (such as My Viva Plan) which can empower employees to be actively engaged, educated, and in control of their own health. Incorporating a digital health plan as a supplementary add-on to your employee benefit program can help your organization achieve its wellness goals.

Start Now: Set Yourself up for Success

Whatever your goals may be for the new year ahead, we wish you the best in achieving them! See this NY Times article on How to Make & Keep A New Year’s Resolution.

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