5 Ways to Stay Well This Summer

Summertime in Alberta is short-lived, and best enjoyed to the fullest! At Benefit Strategies Inc. we incorporate wellness into our summer routines: Daryl likes to golf to clear his mind and enjoy the great outdoors, Tammy likes to relax on her deck while listening to music, and Chelsey likes to take her young children on natures walks outside the city.

The prevalence of negative stress and burnout for employees is pervasive, and prioritizing health, rest, and simple things like enjoying each season are key in the pursuit of balance.

With August on the way, we have compiled a list of ways to maximize summer and boost your health and wellness.

  1. Get outside!
    The best way to enjoy the summer is to get outside! Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health, and vitamin D deficiency affects about 32% of Canadians according to Stats Canada. Get your dose of Vitamin D by spendnig time in the great outdoors this summer, but don’t forget the SPF!
  2. Get moving
    Daryl likes to golf and waterski, and Tammy enjoys high-intensity interval training at Orange Theory. Whatever your activity of choice may be, get your blood pumping and your body moving! Physical activity is key to your overall health and the endorphins produced from exercise will benefit your mental and emotional wellness too.
  3. Eat well
    Short summers in Alberta also mean a short growing season for local fruits and vegetables. Support local Alberta farmers and our British Columbia neighbours buy purchasing your fresh produce from them, or better yet, take a turn at growing your own! An abundance of fruits and veggies will support your nutritional needs. Besides, who doesn’t love juicy peaches, cherries, and garden grown carrots?
  4. Hydrate
    It’s important to consider that if you are increasing your physical activity and your time outside, your water consumption should also increase. Drinking plenty of water will improve your overall health, and also prevent headaches and constipation.
  5. Rest
    Are you booking a summer vacation or staycation? No matter what your plans are, make sure you schedule in some downtime. Rest is a key component to wellness, and it can often be overlooked in a world ‘busy’ is glorified. Protect your peace by blocking out time in your calendar for rest.

Are you interested in prioritizing wellness year round? Many benefit plans have digital apps and programs to support you in your wellness journey. Talk to our Benefit Strategies Inc. advisors to see what is available to you, or how to add these perks to your employee benefit plan! Email inquiries@benefitstrategiesinc.ca to find out more.